ed 1 coverThis first edition of the Professionals Australia Legal Journal is an important new service for the Association’s members. The editors of the journal are National Senior Industrial Officer Lee Buntman and Senior Lawyer Belinda Scholten. The journal which will be published on a quarterly basis hopes to both inform and assist.

It brings together a range of content which deals with the everyday issues and problems that are brought to the attention of the Association’s Workplace Advice & Support Service (WAS). WAS has been in existence as far back as July 2009 and is the first port of call for members who have individual workplace issues or who simply would like information and advice before such issues have arisen.

The content of the first edition cover a diverse range of topics and in this issue includes employer obligations in a redundancy situation; the unfair dismissal small business exception and casual employees; payment of bonuses; resolving disputes after the employment relationship ends, and; vicarious liability. Whilst an individual issue is unique to that person it is possible to provide general information which is useful and which can be used as a reference point in other situations. The contributors are all members of the National Industrial & Legal Team who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience which enables the Association to provide a high quality service for our members.

I hope that members find the content of the journal to be relevant and useful to your feeds. Any feedback and in particular any suggestions regarding issues which you would like to see covered will be most welcome.