An online diagnostic tool to help improve your
leadership & management skills.

Management Ready is a self-assessment tool for professionals which aims to provide an overview of where your skills and competencies currently stand, and to identify the key areas you might benefit from investing some further time in developing. The tool is designed for professionals transitioning from a technical to a management role, or for those wanting to identify and work on any gaps in their current skills.

Management Ready involves completing a straightforward 7-point questionnaire to help identify the areas needing attention, and then provides you with access to a range of references and information for use as needed. The toolboxes will have new information added regularly so check back from time to time for an update.

The Management Ready eTool is also an excellent way of identifying areas you might focus your discussions on with your manager, a mentor or coach, or as a basis for conducting your own personal management career SWOT analysis.

Tool developed by the Managers and Professionals Division of Professionals Australia (MPD)

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