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Transport for NSW (TfNSW)

The O'Farrell government has established a new coordinating agency in the NSW transport public sector called Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW).  Legislation was made to establish this agency.

As part of this legislation, TfNSW is not the direct employer of employees but another entity called Transport Services.  This legislation also provided that none of the current industrial instruments that define the terms and conditions of employment of employees have any ongoing application to TfNSW.

The proposed TfNSW award will apply to employees currently employed by RailCorp, Road and Traffic Authority (RTA), State Transit Authority (STA), Department of Transport, Transport Construction Authority (TCA) and Country Rail Infrastructure Authority (CRIA) who will be moved across to TfNSW. (RailCorp, RTA and STA will continue to operate in their own right and employees of these agencies who are not being moved across will continue to be subject to their industrial instruments).  Employees who are being moved across have experienced a lack of information and considerable uncertainty about their future employment.  In many cases, they are required to re-apply for jobs.

On a preliminary analysis, the proposed TfNSW award and Senior Service Determination overall are inferior to the terms and conditions of employment that apply to Professionals Australia members across transport agencies.  Unions are now in the process of negotiating with TfNSW to maintain employees' terms and conditions under current industrial instruments, or in the case of contract employees, their current contract conditions.

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