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It's time to value the people that keep our railways safe.

In mid-November 2012 RailCorp members were given preliminary materials about the proposed split of RailCorp into Sydney Trains/NSW Trains to take effect from 1 July 2013. 

RailCorp has said that positions will be located in the new organisations so unless the jobs are the same or very similar, employees will need to re-apply. There also appears to be an overall reduction in positions.

Professionals Australia has formally highlighted the impact of the changes on engineering functions and services. Professionals Australia is now in discussion with RailCorp about the impacts on structures, jobs, the process for filling positions and eligibility for applications. 

Politics, rather than good management, is driving this short-sighted change. There is a lot to lose.

Our engineers and maintenance staff keep our railways running and our community safe. It's time for the Government to value the people that keep our railways safe.

If you have questions or concerns contact Brindha Thiru or Margaret Buchanan on 92636519.