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Metro (Vic)

Metro has threatened to shut down Melbourne's train system

A dispute with Professionals Australia members and Metro has started because our members were not happy with Metro’s plans to force them to work on a 24 hour roster.

APESMA members don’t take any kind of industrial action lightly but in this instance our members decided to voice their concerns in a careful way that has no impact on the operation of Melbourne’s transport system.

Metro however has totally over-reacted to this and has told our members that it will refuse to pay employees for their work on Friday.  It is possible that it will also take industrial action to lock-out its employees.

This is in retaliation for our  protected industrial action which is specifically designed by our members not to impact on commuters. These are things like refusing to sign documents, a short stop work meeting and refusing to attend some meetings.

Our members want to get to work because they are deeply committed to getting commuters to work and home on time. 

Our members will get you to and from work if Metro will let us.

Metro's threat is totally contrary to the right for employees to get a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

Even worse, we believe that Metro may also lock-out employees in a Qantas-style move that may well shut down our train system.

We call on the Victorian Government to prevent Metro’s attempt to shut down our train system.  Terry Mulder should get on the phone now to Metro and put an end to this dispute.

We are calling on Melbourne commuters to show their support for a fair day’s pay by contacting Transport Minister Terry Mulder’s office on 9095 4330.

Professionals Australia wants to see greater investment and improvements to Melbourne's train and transport network. We want increased reliability and safety.  Our members are committed to this with a workplace roster that is fair and reasonable.

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