Dr. Kim Rickard

Executive Officer – Scientists Division 

Professionals Australia’s work in the gender and diversity area aims to ensure we have a strong voice in the national discussion around women in STEM by helping identify and document the gender pay gap, providing evidence of women’s actual experiences in STEM workplaces, providing practical solutions for employers to start addressing the attrition of women in workplaces, talking about what unconscious bias is and ways to address it, providing practical career support for women working in STEM, looking at how gender equity issues play out in different industries such as engineering, IT and defence, collaborating with other like-minded organisations to bring about positive long-term change and utilising the industrial relations system to effect broader change. We aim to ensure that gender diversity is understood as more than just a supply issue and that numerical equality on its own is not seen a solution – the factors that contribute to women’s attrition from the STEM workforce are just as critical. We advocate for proper workforce development as central to the Government’s core strategy of economic growth and jobs generation through science, engineering, IT and R&D with increasing women’s participation in STEM a key part of that – a 4% increase in the participation rate of women over the next decade would add $25 billion dollars to the economy.

Gabriela Laverde

National Coordinator – Student and Young Professional Programs

I’ve organized a group of Brazilian immigrants volunteers that been helping with the bushfire recovery since November, been able to mobilize so far 153 volunteers – majority of them women – that cleaned and rebuild 20km of fences, delivered over 4 tones of fresh food for animals, organized Christmas presents for Blaze Aid Christmas party and delivered a truck of donation goods for affected families. It’s funny how people always underestimate us when they see a bunch of women coming in to do this kind of work, but the disbelief changes to surprise and then to respect by the end of the day!

Phoebe Kelly and Nazia Farhat

National Industrial Officer

We are committed to enforcing anti-discrimination laws to prevent employers discriminating on the grounds of sex and advocating for gender equity for all working women.

Felicity Pazios

National Digital Marketing Officer

Promoting women to have a strong voice and implement new innovations within the work force.

Shirley Deviesseux and Lia McCrae-Moore

OCC and Membership

Working in the OCC/Membership area, we share knowledge and support one another. We are unionists because we know that only by working together can women achieve any progress for our rights.

Maria Nguyen

National Coordinator Student Programs

Let’s get with the times and get with the program.

Anna Hua

Marketing Officer

A happy woman is a beautiful woman.

Aleksandra Subotic

Online Communities Coordinator

Empower yourselves with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise. We need to look at addressing the obstacles and barriers to merit based advancement. Here’s to strong women: May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.

Tristan Boehm

Digital Marketing Officer

I support equal opportunity regardless of age, race or gender.

Geecel Tiu

CRM and Digital Marketing Manger

I believe it’s important to be a manager that empowers women to share ideas, have a voice and celebrate successes in and out of the workplace.

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