Professional, Dedicated, and Under-valued.

The Bureau of Meteorology plays a vital role in protecting the lives and homes of all Australians.

> They warn the community and our emergency services about impending natural disasters like:

o   Cyclones

o   Bushfires

o   Floods

o   Storms

o   Drought

> Bureau employees keep the community informed about extreme and hazardous weather conditions (like heatwaves and cold snaps) that have the potential to take lives, especially when it comes to children and the elderly.

> Without the expertise of our members at the Bureau, and the comprehensive and vital weather reporting they provide, planes can’t fly interstate or internationally.

Bureau Scientists and Engineers are taking protected industrial action because the Federal Government is ignoring and undervaluing their role in the community. The continuing cutbacks are crippling this vital organisation, with over 100 positions set to be slashed over the coming year. Bureau employees are working smarter and more efficiently but these gains do not count as productivity savings when negotiating an Enterprise Agreement according to the Bargaining Framework.

After 12 months of negotiations, Bureau management refuses to provide any enterprise agreement offer on pay and conditions to its employees. Crucial employees at the Bureau have had no pay rise for two years.

This is due to the restrictive and unfair Workplace Bargaining Policy the Federal Government has forced on the dedicated professionals in the Bureau and across the Australian Public Service.  Our members want the lives and homes of all Australians to be in expert hands not in the hands of the lowest bidder.

To keep the Bureau a hub of the brightest and best, Professionals Australia members are taking protected industrial action to show the Federal Government that continuous cutbacks cannot and will not be tolerated.

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