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Where to look for jobs

There are many places to look for your next job, here's a guide to help you start your search.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Well known job websites

There are many widely used jobs websites that almost all jobseekers use.  The most common are, and

While these sites are very good they should be just the start of your job search.  Nearly every job seeker in Australia will be checking out these sites so if you broaden your search you might be able to find jobs where the competition isn't quite so hot.

An Professionals Australia jobs website just for you

Professionals Australia has started its own jobs website which lists jobs relevant to our membership.

You may find your dream job on this site – and support your association at the same time.

Of course we accept advertisements on this site so if you are looking for an engineer, scientist or other technological professional you may wish to advertise with us.  

These advertisements help to keep Professionals Australia running and subsidise your membership fees.

Company or department websites

Almost all of Australia's largest employers have a careers or jobs section on their own web site.

Many of these chose to use their own website as their main recruitment tool, because they believe that this is the best way to find people who are already interested in that company.

If you have a particular company in mind (and it always helps to do this if you haven't already), why not check out their website and see if you can find some hidden jobs that are not mentioned anywhere else.


It is still worth looking at the major newspapers to see what jobs are being advertised there – even if most of them will be posted on the popular job seekers' websites.

However it is worth looking at these figures from the ANZ bank (who keep a tally on these things):

Average number of newspaper job ads per week:

2007-08, 19,331 (newspapers), 243,092 (internet)

2008-09, 11,192 (newspapers), 181,273 (internet)

2009-10, 9,199 (newspapers), 137,215 (internet)

2010-11, 9,203 (newspapers), 175,041 (internet)

-ANZ Job Advertisements Series

It is clear that while checking out the newspaper might be worthwhile (especially for public service jobs) you get much more bang for your buck by looking at a few different online jobs sites.

While there is solid jobs growth going on following the GFC, almost all of these new jobs are being advertised on the internet.

Trade journals

If you have particular skills and qualifications in a narrowly defined field it might be worth checking out trade journals and publications.  Depending on your area there may well be a publication that regularly puts together a jobs board of jobs of interest to you.

Recruitment agencies

There are a range of recruitment agencies that actively try to match job seekers with employers.

In fact many of the jobs you will see listed in newspapers and online sites have actually been posted by recruitment agencies.

They are usually highly professional and do usually deliver but do beware, you will usually get a lower salary package than finding your own job as the employer has to pay a finder's fee – usually for a few years.

Networking and social media

If you're brave enough you can also let your friends know you're in the market – especially through social media like linkedin, facebook and twitter.  There is a good chance your friends know someone who is hiring and potentially looking for someone with your skills.

But if you are hoping to change jobs don't make the critical mistake of assuming your existing boss won't read about your lack of job satisfaction.  This is a good option for new graduates but people hoping to hold on to their existing job during their job search period should proceed with caution.

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