Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health – Consultation on priorities & implementation issues in relation to final recommendations of the Report – February 2021

ITPA Right to Repair Submission

2021-22 Pre-Budget submission

Professional Scientists Australia Submission to Review of RTAC Code of Practice

2020-21 Pre-Budget submission

Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework

Submission to 2018 Women in STEM Decadal Plan Consultation

Ensuring a balanced workplace relations framework for Australia

Submission to Victorian Inquiry into On-Demand Workforce

Peer review processes for the NHMRC’s new grant program

Combatting illegal phoenixing

Final copy PPA CPA Renumeration

Superannuation and the changing nature of work

Rate Capping

SA Pathology Proposed Operational Configuration and Workforce Model

Review of pharmacy remuneration and regulation submission

Innovation and Science Australia’s 2030 Strategic Plan

Review of the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax

Inquiry into Gender Segregation

Engineering SOL

Without Prejudice- Response to Ernst and Young’s review of SA Pathology

Supervision Public Consult

Impact of The Government’s Workplace Bargaining Policy and Approach to Commonwealth Public Sector Bargaining

NHMRC Structural Review

National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

Australian National Standards
for Working with Interpreters in Courts and Tribunals


Submission to Infrastructure Victoria

Gender Pay Gap Bill 2015

Wasted Potential: recommendations to
support mature-aged workers.

The impact of the labour hire industry and insecure work on the professional workforce

PA Rate Capping submission August 2015

 AER – QLD Preliminary Determinations

PPA Working towards a better CPA

Vision for a Science Nation – July 2015

PPA Questions from ANAO Audit of 5CPA JCPAA

Royal Commission into Family Violence

Professionals Australia Submission to ESC on Council Rate Capping

2018 Funding Australia’s Research