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Workers at SA Pathology are effected by recent government decisions which could see hundreds of jobs cut from the states medical science workforce, and parts of the service completely shut down.

Medical science is core to the delivery of an efficient, functioning health service.

Scientists and technical professionals at SA Pathology dedicate their working lives to studying and interpreting disease. They provide expert analysis to other health professionals about how to provide the right care to patients in the right circumstances. A  decision to cut medical science jobs isn’t in the best interest of the community.  Scientists tell us that the meagre short term financial savings will come at the expense of service quality and patient safety.

It’s not too late to make a difference! Together, we can send a message to the minister and the SA government about how important medical science is.

Email the Health Minister Jack Snelling to save these medical science jobs. The health of our community is counting on it.

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