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Join a Friend

We are like insurance for your professional career.

Just like you, your friends need to have access to the kind of workplace support we provide to our members every day.

That’s why we are encouraging all members to join a friend and make sure that your friends at work are protected and get our great range of benefits too.

We help more than 1,800 technical professionals with all types of workplace problems like performance appraisals, contract reviews, unfair dismissals, redundancy, bullying and information about rates of pay.

But we want to help even more Australian overcome these problems.  That's why we provide a $100 bonus for existing members who help sign up a new member.  

This could give a new member a chance to try out all the benefits of our membership at a discounted price for the first year.

Make sure your recruit nominates you on their application form as the member who introduced them us and the $100 is yours to keep or share.

While we are already a strong network representing 25,000 technical professionals we know that we can achieve even more with more members behind us.

Our membership forms are available here

*Please note that you may only receive this $100 recruitment incentive bonus for members that were not previously a Professionals Australia network member within the last two years.  This offer only applies to financial members in Australia and does not include the recruitment of pharmacy, translators and interpreters or student members. Please contact our membership department to check eligibility.