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Managing Performance

In its broadest sense, performance management is an organisation-wide, integrated approach to ensuring organisational success and sustainability by monitoring, measuring and continually improving the performance of the individuals and groups whose combined efforts enable the organisation to realise its aims.

As part of their role, professionals with managerial responsibilities may need to manage the under-performance of individual members of their team. This can mean anything from discussing their attendance, a failure to meet targets or to work cooperatively with other staff, to a problem with a particular aspect of their behaviour on the job such as complying with health and safety requirements.

Managing poor performance can be difficult and time-consuming. Poor performance affects other staff as well as the person involved and, if not managed efficiently, can lead to loss of morale, customer complaints and a team member who suffers unnecessarily.

This Guide aims to take you through a suggested process for counselling staff with a view to improving their performance at the individual and team levels.


Professionals Australia would like to acknowledge the assistance of Chifley Business School in producing this Guide. The Guide draws from Chifley Business School’s MBA, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate content. For further information on courses, visit Chifley Business School or email


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