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Team Effectiveness

In this Guide we'll focus on a question that all managers ask themselves from time to time: how can I get my team working at its peak? The answer is not straightforward and you will need to develop a number of skills in order to manage your team to perform at its best. These skills include open communication, coaching, conflict resolution and performance planning.

Making the transition from technical professional to manager means taking a 'bigger picture' view. Although you will have worked as a team member yourself at some stage, managing a team requires you to take on a new set of responsibilities. To ensure your team's effectiveness, you need to learn techniques to get your team to work successfully towards a common goal, and you will come to appreciate the important part a manager plays in linking their team to the broader organisation.

The aim of the Guide is to help you:

  • plan to achieve team outcomes;
  • develop team cohesion;
  • participate in and facilitate team work; and
  • liaise with management and other stakeholders.

The Guide is organised into seven main sections covering:

  • establishing a team's purpose and goals
  • establishing job roles and responsibilities
  • developing performance plans
  • facilitating team member performance
  • developing team cohesion
  • facilitating cooperative work practices, and
  • communicating with management and other stakeholders.

- all of which are critical areas in gaining an understanding of how to maximise team effectiveness.

It also contains a set of resources you can refer to help evaluate and improve your team's effectiveness.


Professionals Australia would like to acknowledge the assistance of Chifley Business School in producing this Guide. The Guide draws from Chifley Business School’s MBA, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate content. For further information on courses, visit Chifley Business School or email


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